Tube and Wingbone Calls

Tube Calls

Walls Calls Tube Turkey CallThe tube call is a very effective call and is one of my favorite calls to make. In the hands of a well practiced hunter it can reproduce all the calls made by a turkey including a gobble.

A wide selection of woods are available in my tube calls. The price of each call will vary depending on the wood used. Each call includes 4 reeds and one band.

  • Domestic woods: $15-$25 (walnut, maple, cedar, etc.)
  • Imported woods: $20-$35 (cocobolo, wenge, marble wood, etc.)
  • Exotics and Burls: $20-$50


WingbonesWalls Calls Wingbone Tukey Call

The Wingbone turkey call is the oldest type of turkey call known to man. It has been used for centuries by native American hunters to attract hard hunting birds. Most calls are made using the three main bones of the turkey - the ulna, the radius, and the humerus.

  • Dyed Wingbones: prices vary
  • Wrapped Wingbones: prices vary

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